The Friends of Joey Reiser Foundation was created in memory of our son Joey.  On October 13, 1998, Joey lost a yearlong battle with cancer.  He died just ten days before his twelfth birthday.

During one of his many hospital stays, a friend gave Joey a Powerball ticket. We said to Joey, “You went to the Hole in the Wall Gang camp, met Paul Newman, and was given a pool table from the Make a Wish foundation. If you won all that money, who would you donate to?” He said, “I would donate to cancer research, because if you cure the disease no child will need a pool table or special camp.” Joey was the type of kid who always wanted to help others. We decided to start this foundation to help others in memory of a very special boy.

The Friends of Joey Reiser Foundation proudly supports families of children with cancer, cancer research, a college scholarship & the Joey Reiser Playground at the Collings Lakes Elementary School.

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